Joyful Things

This page is a list of things that I have found useful in my journey as a mom.  As I mentioned in another part of this blog, I am on an affiliate program for some of these products.

Kozy CarrierKozy3

This is the #1 thing that I would buy again and again and again.  This carrier has been use with two of my children.  I didn’t know about it with my first or I would have bought it earlier!  The great thing about Kozy is that it is made in the USA in Lynchburg, Virginia.   Kozy was created by a mom!

Click Here to go to Kozy Carrier to get your very own Kozy!

Motivated Moms Chore Planning System


The best daily cleaning checklist app ever.    And believe me, I’ve tried many!  Motivated Moms breaks it down so that  your house stays clean and your laundry does get done … if keep up with your checklist!  They have a Lite Version to try it out, I suggest you do before you buy to see if it works for you.  Available in App version for you iPad or Android and Printable Version for those who like paper.

Click here to visit Motivated Moms.


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