Treat and Prevent Poison Ivy with Homeopathy

treat-and-preventpoison-ivywith-homeopathyMy poor husband has been extremely allergic to poison ivy for years.  We have tried everything you could imagine to try and dry it up … every cream/wash you could image, special soap including jewelweed soap, and resorting to steroid shots at the doctor.  He was so desperate that he tried bleach on the recommendation of a friend and it turned septic and got into his blood stream.

Finally we asked our Natural Doctor if she had some ideas on how to  take care of this poison ivy outbreak.  Why we didn’t go to her a long time ago, I don’t know!  But she gave us the only remedy that has worked for him and of course – it was homeopathy!  Rhus Tox 6c was the answer  for his outbreak and his terrible rash cleared up in a week when it usually took MONTHS for him to get over it.

Now that I know more about homeopathy, I have found out that you can “immunize” yourself from poison ivy outbreaks.  If you know you are going to be clearing land with poison ivy or going on a hike with it present, you can take a dose of Rhus Tox 30c or 200c the day before and morning of the planned event.  Let me tell you this works!  My husband was taking Rhus Tox 30c for joint pain for several weeks and my kids happened to get into some poison ivy while playing outside.  Of course I hadn’t thought to dose them up and they all broke out, but my husband had been helping them undress and was sure to come in contact with the oils that they had all over them before getting them in the shower.  In the past, no matter how much he washed he broke out in massive rashes, spreading all over and was fighting it for weeks.  But because he had been taking the Rhus Tox 30c he got one small patch on his hand and it dried up in a matter of days – and didn’t spread into his bloodstream or itch like crazy.

I treated the little guys with Rhux Tox 6c several doses a day as needed (which they itched) until their symptoms were gone.  I also made a paste from Bentonite Clay and Lavender Oil for my oldest who got it the worst and applied it to his rashes to pull out the poisons.  We also used some local Jewelweed Lotion for itching.  In the last stages of the drying, I started applying Comfrey Salve to help the skin heal.  The boys were ready to get back outside in a matter of days, with the rashes completely disappearing in about a week.

Now that I know they have a sensitivity to Poison Ivy, I give the kids Rhus Tox 30c or 200c right before they go outside as a preventative.  So far they haven’t gotten anymore poison ivy even when I have known they have come into contact with it on our hikes through the woods, so I am happy with the results!   All in all, this remedy is a must-have for your medicine cabinet makeover.


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