Arnica Montana for Your Natural Medicine Cabinet

My very first experience with homeopathy was Arnica Montana.  I had no idea what it was, but our Natural Doctor gave it to my husband to use after he had a minor motorcycle accident in addition to a few herbal remedies for recovery.   Amazingly, he found that he was recovered in less than a week!   It was years before our eyes were opened to the power of those little blue vials in the health food store.

2Now I find that I use Arnica Montana all the time in my home.  I have three very rough and tumble boys.  We constantly have a supply of ice packs in our freezer for all those minor bumps and scrapes, but for the major ones I reach for the Arnica Montana.  I used to have Tylenol and Ibuprofen but haven’t used those in over a year.   While I have seen reports online of how Tylenol and Ibuprofen cause liver damage and a number of other side effects, I personally have felt what Tylenol and Ibuprofen can do to my gut. I decided if there was a way to stimulate the body to heal that did not cause these types of side effects that I would be using it for my family.  The way that I have found is homeopathy!  I now have Arnica Montana 6c*, 30c*, and 200c* pellets and Arnica Cream* in my cabinet to help with bumps, bruises, shock, and more.

Now for three real recovery stories!  My son crashed his bike in the woods the other day and came in bleeding but saying, “I’m alright but I ran into a tree.”  The first thing I did was get him an ice pack and give him a dose of Arnica Montana 30c.  I noticed as I was shaking the bottle and about to dose with 3 pellets, he had a knot that was starting to bruise. While the pills were dissolving in his mouth, I was cleaning and doctoring his scrapes with Comfrey Salve and putting on band aids.  By the time I was done, the knot was just about gone and was not swelling up.  The bruising stopped.  He was CALM.  The interesting thing about this remedy is it is also a good remedy for shock, especially the person who is somewhat calm after an accident.   I gave him another dose in an hour and then again that night because he was moving slowly for the rest of the day.  We didn’t need anything else after day 1 for pain because his body was already recovering.   This is how homeopathy works – you take it, you stop when it is working and then take it again only if the symptoms return.

Another great use for Arnica Montana is for surgery recovery.  I recently had wisdom tooth surgery and took Arnica Montana the day before the surgery, the morning of the surgery, and immediately after I walked out of the dental surgeon’s office.  I had minimal swelling and no bruising at all!  My recovery was quick too.  I also sent a friend who was having extreme shoulder pain and anticipating the need for injections in her shoulder some Arnica Montana 30c and Arnica Cream*.  She emailed me a week later and told me that she was pain-free and had range of motion for the first time in six months after using Arnica for a week!  

This remedy is a real powerhouse of a remedy to have in your natural medicine cabinet.  I’m not a homeopath, but I can tell you that in the time that I’ve been using homeopathy, it works for us. I encourage you to listen to podcasts, read blog posts, and find out more about this amazing alternative.


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