Reasons Why Homeopathy May Not Have Worked for You

Reasons Why Homeopathy May Not Have Worked For YouThere are a lot of homeopathic medicines out there on the shelves of our local drug stores and even Wal-Mart.  You may have even found them on the shelf in the baby area for teething and colic and gotten them out of desperation for your child during teething time.  Maybe you have tried homeopathy in the past and just didn’t see results.  I have been there and found out that I had been doing a few things wrong when it came to taking homeopathic remedies.  So I decided to share some reasons why Homeopathy may not have worked for you in the past in this blog post.

Reason #1: You Took Them with Food or Drink

Homeopathic remedies should be taken free of strong flavors and you should not eat or drink 15-30 minutes before or after or the potency of the remedy will be effected.  The only exception would be water – you can have water 5 minutes before or after administering a remedy.

Reason #2:  You Took Them After You Brushed Your Teeth

I have heard from several sources that any type of mint or menthol would decrease the potency of a remedy.  I personally have found that since we changed our toothpaste to a cinnamon based toothpaste from a mint based toothpaste, remedies work better for us.  Either way, this goes with the previous paragraph – 15 minutes before or after brushing or at least until the toothpaste taste is out of your mouth.

Reason #3:  You Took Your Remedy and Then Applied Essential Oils or Used a Strong Cleaner

Strong smells can also effect how your body absorbs homeopathic remedies just like things you taste.  I personally took a remedy the other day for a sinus headache, felt it start working immediate … but then started cleaning something with an ammonia-based product (Windex) and the effectiveness of the remedy stopped working.  I had not given the remedy enough time to resolve my symptoms and the smell of that cleaning product “antidoted” the remedy I had taken that was working so beautifully to resolve my headache.    I love essential oils and have used them for years!  I believe there are many ways to treat things and essential oils definitely have their place.  But everyone who uses essential oils knows that it absorbs into your body quickly and immediately starts to work.  Do one remedy at a time, take your remedy and then use your oils in about 30 minutes to an hour later so that they don’t interact.  I personally stay away from the camphor type oils and peppermint oil while using remedies to treat an illness or injury.

Reason #4: You Store Your Remedies on Top of the Microwave or in the Bathroom

For some crazy reason we keep our herbs and first aid kit over the microwave – it is just a free space that seems to work for us in our kitchen.  I had my remedies there at one point and then I found out that the microwave can ruin homeopathic medicines.  In fact, strong smells, extreme temperatures, electromagnetic radiations, and magnetic fields – Television, computer monitor, cell phone, microwave oven, laptop and other electrical/electronic devices emit energy fields that could ruin homeopathic medicines.  So don’t leave your remedies in the car.  Don’t take your remedies in a room you just cleaned with a strong cleaner.  Don’t use the medicine cabinet, the moisture and heat from shower use can affect your remedies.  I store my homeopathic medicines in my closet and in the linen closet.  Perfect temperature, nice and dark, they should be good for a very long time.

Reason #5:  You Don’t Have the Right Remedy

If you have been trying a remedy and it is just doing nothing for you after a few doses, it’s probably not the right remedy.  It should start working after the first dose, you should be seeing improvement even if it is a little improvement.  Check out this link giving you an idea of what improvement looks like.  My husband had a sore in his mouth the other day and looked up his symptoms online and chose to try Arcenicum Album*.  Right after the pellets dissolved, he immediately felt the area around that sore start tingling and the pain subsiding.  He said it was “amazing.”  That is definite improvement and a right remedy for him.  Another example for me would be sinus headaches that I get when storm fronts move in the area.  I read this post from Joette Calabrese and learned about Kali Bichromium*.  After one dose, there was a small improvement – my pain moved from a 9 to a 6.  So I kept using the remedy for a few more doses to treat the headache and found relief by my fourth dose.  Sometimes it is immediate, sometimes it is not.  If there is no improvement, the remedy you have is not the one for you and you should stop taking it and redirect.

Reason #6:  You are Expecting a Miracle Drug (Your Expectations are Really High)

Last week everyone in my house was sick with allergy/sinus/respiratory problems.  We rarely get sick like this, so this is the first time that I used Homeopathy to treat my family instead of the regular over the counter medicines.  I started to fret because I wasn’t seeing the immediate “miracle-like” results that I had seen in other cases that I used homeopathy in that immediately ceased whatever ailment was present.  I took a deep breath and regrouped my thoughts in a different way – if I were using an OTC medication, I would be seeing similar results with side effects of hyperactivity in my kids – or drowsiness in myself with a drug hang-over days afterwards … so it gave me a different perspective.  It’s still medicine, it is just a different choice of medicine.  So I treated the symptoms that surfaced, left the fevers alone and let them do their work.  And guess what happened?  Instead of being sick for 2+weeks like we were last time, our family of five was better in one week.  The kids bounced back by day three instead of day five.  I can’t promised you that if you use homeopathy that you will “never get sick.”  In fact, minor sicknesses are good for us and should strengthen our immune systems!   But I can tell you that when you do get sick, it will help you process through the sickness better than OTC medications.

The point of this article is to encourage you to give Homeopathy another try if you didn’t see results you wanted the first time.  I’m not a homeopath, but I can assure you that in the time that I’ve been using homeopathy, it works. I encourage you to listen to podcasts, read blog posts, and find out more about this amazing alternative.

Have you tried homeopathy? If you have learned some reasons why homeopathy didn’t work for you in some situations, share in the comments!


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