Ear Infections Best Remedy – Avoid the Antibiotic with Homeopathy!

HOMEOPATHY (1)It all started with an ear infection.  Do you get them in your house?  We used to get them at least once a year, which I know is not much compared to some of my friends who have kids that seem to get them all the time.  But let me back up a bit …

If you have read this blog in the past, you know that I have an interest in natural remedies in place of the regular over-the-counter options that have been marketed to us as the only way to “cure” your child of various illnesses.  I’ve used essential oils and herbs in the past, but nothing has really taken care of a recurring illness like I have discovered in homeopathy.  I ran across it in a webinar series on the web that was specifically on essential oils.  Joette Calabrese, who is a homeopath, caught my attention as one of the speakers of the webinar.  She spoke about how essential oils and homeopathy work together, but she grabbed my attention when she started describing these remedies and how they worked to cure different problems in her family and practice.  So I subscribed to her blog and continued to read about homeopathy because frankly, I’d never heard of it and I was a bit skeptical.  I had seen the little blue vials in the Vitamin Shoppe, and we had even a few remedies before on our Natural Doctors’ recommendation for poison ivy and recovery from a motorcycle accident (Arnica Montana).  I knew that it was the only thing that worked on my husband’s poison ivy and that recovery after the accident happened quickly as well.

A few weeks later, my son was getting his annual ear infection.  It all starts with, “Mom, inside my ear is hurting.”  His temperature started rising above 101 degrees and I was standing in CVS about to grab some Ibuprofen when I saw a “Kids Earache Relief Liquid” blend.  I picked it up and it was a blend of homeopathic remedies.  I recognized “belladonna” as one of the remedies because I had heard about using it for fevers in the podcasts and blog posts that I had been reading.  I decided to buy it too.   I dosed him right outside of the store (he was already running a bit of a fever) and then a couple of hours later.  Then he went to bed and I expected a L-O-N-G night.  But he slept all night.  When he woke up the next morning, there was no ear pain and no fever.  I was shocked.  I could not believe it worked that quickly and stopped the infection from progressing!

The more amazing thing is that not only did my son recover overnight from his oncoming infection, but when the time came again when he usually has his ear infections it never developed.  It was gone!

One thing I want to note here is that our cases of ear infections were much less frequent than most of my friends have had in the past.  I’m not saying that your child’s ear infection will go away permanently after treating one ear infection.   It works differently for every person.  If your child has chronic ear infections, you will probably see it pop up again … but in much milder case, or a shorter duration … with more time between infections.  As you continue treating them with homeopathy, in most cases the ear infections go away completely.

I have to say that I still love essential oils.  I like herbs too!  In the past for ear infections I used garlic oil, rubbed the outside of the ear with essential oils and more.  None of those things worked for us, nor did they keep the infection from coming back.  Not to mention that homeopathy is safe for everyone to use – babies, kids, and during pregnancy too.  Homeopathy worked the best for us, hands down.


My little collection of remedies!

Here are some of the remedies I have in my bucket now for ear infections:

Belladonna 30c – for throbbing pain, inflammation and fever.

Pyrogenium 30c – for infections and fever

Arsenicum album 30x – for burning pain in the ears, also great for stomach problems like food poisoning.  I give this to my kids when they say, “Mommy, my tummy really hurts!”  and not long after they are better.

Capsicum annuum 30x – for acute pressure and pain in the ears (this is great for ear pain is may not be an infection at all)

These are just a few of the individual remedies that I have since purchased to address more than just ear infections.   Since that time, I’ve seen remedies resolve things like allergies, stomach aches and pains, injuries, muscle cramps, headed off viruses and colds, and more.  This is the first post of a series of posts that I will do over the next few months sharing remedies that have worked for my family.

Here are some resources that you can get you started:

http://joettecalabrese.com – the most amazing homeopath that I have ever heard.  I’m currently going through her “Good Gut Bad Gut” course and look forward to sharing my review here!  Joette has a wealth of information on her blog, just search in the corner and find remedies for all kinds of things!  I highly recommend you check out her Quick Start Guide.  She also has a wonderful podcast.

Homeopathy for Mommies Podcast – I homeschool and ran across this podcast through the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Show.  Sue Meyers is fascinating and full of wonderful information.  One of my favorite podcasts is Help for the Stomach Flu.

Are you tired of running to the doctor and getting that antibiotic that doesn’t seem to fix the problem?  I’m making over our medicine cabinet and getting rid of the drugs that don’t heal, will you join me?  I’m starting a Facebook Group called Moms Using Homeopathy to collaborate with moms who want to talk about homeopathy and remedies for different problems.  You are welcome to join me!


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  1. Vinsk says:

    I’m glad you found some relief for your child. However, OM (Otitis Media) is one of the most over diagnosed infections in children today. An earache doesn’t automatically mean infection. Unfortunately when a parent brings their child to a doctor they expect something immediately. They’re not interested in education or hearing that this problem will self resolve, that it’s viral, which is more likely than a bacterial infection. If parents don’t leave with an antibiotic they complain and the doctor gets ridiculed despite the fact he/she was doing the proper and advised treatment. It’s a shame. Parents have become so ignorant to medicine and demand their treatment when they know very little about physiology, pharmacology or the practice of medicine. Doctors have been forced to submit to customer satisfaction over proper medical treatment. They are forced to act against their better judgement because parents use phrases like “my child gets this every year” , ” I want to nip this in the bud” , “We’re going out of town” the list goes on. Chances are your child didn’t have a bacterial ear infection and thus it would’ve self resolved whether you used your ointment/drops or not. But thank you for not using antibiotics. There’s a time for them, but it’s about 75% less than what they are used for today. It’s a shame.

    • joyrhodes says:

      Thanks for your comment! I agree, an earache doesn’t mean ear infection. I didn’t actually look in his ear, but he had the usual high (and rising) fever that accompanied his usual diagnosed ear infections by the pediatrician that he got annually … and it was following a few days of cold symptoms also, just like the other episodes. So I picked the homeopathic remedy for ear infections and it took care of it — for good. The great things is that there are homeopathic remedies that can help with ear pressure and ear pain (infected or not) – that are safe for children. Hopefully this will save someone a trip to the doctor to get that antibiotic that is unnecessary. I have even seen physicians that are starting to encourage homeopathy use to their patients.

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