Master Math Facts with Timez Attack!

TALogo3_156Who doesn’t DREAD drilling math facts?  My kids groan when I pull out the flash cards.  I remember groaning myself when I was a kid.   Then my parents got us our first computer, an Apple IIc.  I remember when it was set up at our house.  And I remember the math facts game that we played on that computer — it really helped me!  (as did the lemon-aid stand game … that was fun too!)

So when my friend told me about Timez Attack, I had to go check it out.  And much to my delight, they had recently added addition and subtraction to their already popular multiplication and division levels.  I loaded it and my kids BEG me to play it.  They love video games and this program has some great graphics.  Check it out below:

Doing math to blow things up?  It’s a win-win for this mom of boys!! And I have seen the drastic improvement in math facts, just after one week of play.

This gets a BIG thumbs up from the Rhodes boys.  They were glad to see the flashcards go.    You can download the free version here at Big Brainz.  The free version does also include the addition and subtraction, so if you have some that are not yet to multiplication in their learning, you can still take advantage of this great program.  Enjoy!


*** I am not an affiliate for Big Brainz nor am I getting any referral credit for this post.  Just sharing a great resource!