A Few of Our Favorite Things: Richard Scarry Busytown “Eye found it” Game

RScarrygameIt’s that time of the year when everyone is making their Christmas lists, so I decided to share a few things that we have loved over the years as a family to be helpful to everyone out there that is shopping for little ones!  Today I’m going to share about one of our favorite games, Richard Scarry’s Busytown “Eye Found It” Game.

Our boys LOVE this game.  It is LARGE and colorful!  We play it on the floor, but if you have a really long table it would work there too.  The age range on the game is 3-8 years old, and that is about right because of chokable pieces in the game.

Basically, each player picks a character from Richard Scarry’s Busytown and spins the wheel to go through Busytown toward a picnic at Picnic Island.   Every time you either move spaces, lose a turn and lose picnic food pieces at the end of the game where the winner lands, or you land on “Goldbug” and choose a card for all players to work together to find items hidden throughout Busytown.  It is a great game that encourages teamwork, object identification and matching skills, confidence with every “I found it!”, and promotes healthy competition.  We absolutely love this game and highly recommend it to all our friends!

Enjoy some pictures of us playing this game and go pick this one out for that super kid on your gift list!

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