Free Fun Friday: Playground Fun!

One of our favorite free fun things to do is to go to our local playground.  We just moved back to our old neighborhood in the mountains of Virginia and are so blessed to have three beautiful lakes five minutes away!  And each one has a playground that my boys LOVE to play on … you can bet we go there several times a week now that the weather is warm.  Here’s a few pictures of our recent adventures.


Lots of great memories have been made here over the years!  Not the best pictures … it seems that it was kind of cloudy and I’m using an old phone, not my usual camera.  But you get the point.


This is Benjamin’s favorite right now.  He is my climber and he does this over and over and over again!


Hanan on the slide.  He likes to send his cars down his favorite slide first and then slide down after them!


This week Caleb finally got across the monkey bars all the way … don’t you remember doing that as a kid?  Here’s a warning, don’t try again without stretching – some of us aren’t kids anymore!  🙂


Here’s a smile from Caleb.  The hat he is wearing is one of the “musketeer hats” that Grandma made the boys before we left Texas.  Isn’t she creative?  They love them!


Here’s Benjamin wearing Hanan’s hat.  He loves it too!  Got it on backwards though.  What a boy!

So there you have it.  Free fun that gives me at least an hour and a half of down-time when we go and they have a ton of fun!  So go out and find your local park and a playground.  There are all kinds of great playgrounds that your city (or county in our case) provides for your kids to enjoy.

Have a great weekend!