Top Five Podcasts that Make My Day

PodcastlogoI love music.  We stream a lot of music at our house on Pandora, all types of genres.  But recently I’ve discovered something new — Podcasts.  In the past, I liked listening to talk radio … but it can be a bit negative these days, especially news and political talk radio.  I usually come away from those shows mad and sometimes (honestly) spewing negativity.  Now there are radio shows like Focus on the Family that are pretty good … but if you listen to the radio, you have to listen at the right time to catch the show.  Podcasts are on demand.   There are a LOT of podcasts about endless subjects.  Just like music, it can make chores go faster … listen while you are washing the dishes … doing the floors … folding the laundry.   Here are my top five podcast picks to date, starting with my very favorite:

  1.  Busy Mom’s Survival Guide – I really love PJ Jonas.   As a mom, it is nice to find someone out there that has been where I am now as a mom to find tips and encouragement.  PJ and her husband Jim have eight children and run their own family business.  They are homeschoolers.  They are Christians.  And she is a great podcaster!  You can tell from the podcasts that she puts a lot of work into them for her listeners.  She researches and plans and presents helpful information.   I have been very encouraged by her podcast for almost a year now.   Her podcast on “The Importance of Chores” changed my life.  Seriously — my work load at home changed tremendously and life became a lot easier.  My kids felt empowered too!  I recommend going all the way back to the early episodes and start listening.  They are all timely and very helpful.  And hey, I’ve been thrilled to support their business and buy some wonderful products from their website at Goat Milk Stuff.  (I love it all, especially their deodorant!)
  2. Focus on the Family – This one is a well known, but really as a radio show.  Focus on the Family has always been an encouraging source for families.  I don’t listen every day, but I can go in and pick and choose the ones that interest me.  One most recently was on the impact of Technology on your family, Episode 40 and 41.  Worth the time to listen, especially if your kids are “plugged in.”
  3. Dave Ramsey Show – As you know from a previous post, I am a bit of a Dave Ramsey fan.  His book helped us become debt-free.  Every once in a while I tune in via Podcast and listen to Dave take some calls.  It can be inspirational as well as entertaining.    It’s always nice to hear someone’s story about becoming debt-free and hear a good “debt-free” scream.
  4. Social Media Marketing Podcast – Here’s one that is work related.  Since I do a lot of consulting for internet and social media marketing, I keep this one at the top of my list.  Social media changes every day.  Michael Stelzner has done a phenomenal job of keeping this podcast going, cranking out the latest and greatest information about every social media outlet you could imagine.  Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, StumbleUpon, Slideshare, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, Google+, the list goes on and on.  This is a great one!
  5. Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield – This one is for work also.  One of the very first podcasts I listened to was Amy Porterfield, and she was just starting out in Podcasting.  Amy Porterfield co-wrote Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies.  A while back I was looking for some ideas on content development for a client and stumbled on her podcast.  After I finished listening to Episode, I had a page full of content ideas for multiple clients and myself as well!  If you own a business, take some time to listen to these podcasts.  They are full of ideas you can immediately implement in your business.

So I encourage you, take some time to search through iTunes and see what is available.  Do you podcast?  I’d love to hear what is on your favorite podcast list!  Please share in the comments.