Free Fun: Pet Store Visits

Looking for things to do with your kids on a tight budget?  One of our favorite things to do is visit the pet store.  It is like a miniature version of the zoo!  Sure the animals are a LOT smaller, but it’s still fun for the little guys and cost absolutely nothing — unless you can be bribed into taking one of the critters home!  Here’s some pictures from our latest pet store adventure.

2014-01-31 15.26.17 2014-01-31 15.21.14 2014-01-31 15.21.26 2014-01-31 15.23.43 2014-01-31 15.23.57 2014-01-31 15.25.31 2014-01-31 15.25.40

Got to love FREE fun!  This is a great homeschool mini-field trip too — we come home and talk about different animals and look them up on the internet for more learning fun.  YouTube is a great resource of course!

What kind of free fun do you do with your kids?