Homeschool Review: Time 4 Learning

Time4learningA few weeks ago I signed up to review Time 4 Learning, an online homeschool curriculum.  I had seen this website on various blogs and websites from time to time when researching for my homeschool curriculum and was interested in it.  My oldest son, who is now at a 1st Grade level in his homeschool journey, learns a lot through using the computer and iPad.  We have used in the past to reinforce learning, so he was very familiar with using the computer to learn.

Since we were starting this review in the middle of the year, I found it hard to get into it with him.  There were things that we could do from the beginning, like the science courses, that added some nice learning electives to his core curriculum that I am currently using on a day-to-day basis.  If you are considering this as a homeschool curriculum, I would recommend starting this at the beginning of the year.  I was looking for something to supplement and reinforce what my son was learning in his current curriculum.  This may be good as stand alone curriculum or as learning to do during the summer.

While this is a student-paced approach, this is not something that you can just sit your younger students down and leave them to finish on their own.  I spent a lot of time with my child helping him find how to progress in some parts because the design was not what he was used to on  Some of the modules were also a little long and I wanted to make sure he grasped the information that was given to him and did not just speed through them to get done if he got a little bored.

I did try the preschool out for my youngest son but he was not as interested in the structured learning of this curriculum so I did not push him to use it.  Personally I believe in not starting structured learning until 6 years old – and there are many experts out there who agree with me.  If he shows interest and wants to try something his older brother is doing, I make it available but do not force a structured style on him.  I try to provide plenty of play-based learning things for him to do while I do structured school.  At this time, I don’t think I’ll use this curriculum with him because it does not fit his learning style.

Overall, I was pleased with what I saw in Time 4 Learning.  I personally will use this curriculum as summer learning for my oldest son.